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Jörg Breuning Green Roof Technology introduced the first fully integrated Solar Green Roof combination to North America in 2008. At this time Solar on roofs or Green Roofs were still new to many.

Since 2008 Mr. Breuning consulted and guided most Solar Garden Roofs in North America. He has helped Green Roof installers and Solar companies to choose the best and most efficient solutions, making roof space as sustainable and resilient as possible. 
Manufacturers, architects, engineers and installers substantially profit from this knowledge at any stage of the project.


Made in USA

While most Solar Garden Roof systems are imported from overseas, Jörg Breuning offers smart tailored solutions where all components are made in North America reducing costs, cutting-out long supply chains, and securing jobs.
Opensource components with recycled or plastic-free materials increase sustainability and strengthen circular economy.

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Connect with the leader in modern Green Roof Technology for over 43 years and in all climate zone on Earth.
Jörg Breuning: "It is not about selling a specific systems with inflated talks, with pumped-up brochures, endless data sheets or technology dependencies.
It is about doing it right at first, right for the plants and right for the building owner."

Biosolar ?

Stormwater Retention.

Renewable Energy 

Fully Integrated.

Maximum Payback with Synergetic Effect and Natural Stormwater Mitigation without roof penetration!
Fully Integrated Systems for Solar Green Roof, Solar Blue Green Roofs, and Micro Wind Green Roofs with combinations of all the above.

With Solar and Green Roofs the building's environmental footprint will be substantially reduced - from large commercial buildings to residential homes.

Solar Garden Roofs not only combine the benefits of Green Roofs and Solar; there is also an additional synergetic effect with cost reductions in installation and maintenance.

Further plants enjoy partial shading in the summer heat, but also cool the environment and making PV modules work more efficient.
National, state, or local incentives programs makes the combination even more attractive.

Solar Green Roofs

Biosolar is not the right term for Solar Garden Roofs because the term Biosolar
is specifically used for cells that are using biological components from nature for
energy conversion (algae, cyanobacteria etc.). 

With the introduction of Solar Green Roofs, Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology also installed two fully functional Solar Garden Roof mock-ups. One at HQ at NYCGovParks and one just outside Washington DC.

In collaboration with German Green Roof manufacturers Mr. Breuning refined all the Solar Green Roof systems to meet North American requirements. However, nowadays supply chains got unreliable, shipping got more expensive and engineering more complex. 2020 was the moment developing the worlds first open source Green Roof and Solar Garden Roof system with all components made in the North America! 

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  • Whether you’re interested in a Green Roof, Solar Garden Roof, Blue Green Roof, Rooftop Farm, Rooftop Agrivoltaic, or amenity deck you are at the right place - where all the things started.

#1 in Green Infrastructure and Innovations 

Green Roofs and Blue Roofs are the best solution for on-structure stormwater management. Combining Green Roofs with Solar tremendously increases environmental benefits and super-proportional the pay back.

All systems are engineered without penetrating the roofing membrane and fully compatible with all Leak Detection Systems on the market! 
All systems are also capable for adding certified Micro-Windmills.

Green roofs effectively reduce peak flows associated with storm events, reduce the total volume of stormwater discharge, and stormwater pollutants. 

We love doing things right in the first place

The mission is to provide clients with trustworthy and world class knowledge. Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology's unmatched experience will guide you on each project at any stage with affordable rates that pay back already in the process.

Ecological responsibility is not a luxury trend and affordable only to a few. Instead Green Measures and Green Infrastructure have a higher return on investment to an entire society and the quality of life. In other words, collaboratively acting is what it takes. If we would spend only 10% of our time or money for living green, the economy would super-proportional increase and boosted even further when quality of live increases for all.

  • Over 43 years of professional experience on three continents
  • Product development & testing
  • Non-plastic and cradle-to-cradle options
  • Innovations with local resources
  • Construction management and hands-on training
  • Presentations with continued education credits
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Design Build with certified partners
  • Roofing / Green Roof inspections and problem investigation, eyewitness.
  • Baltimore, USA
  • Projects: Worldwide
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