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Specialized Green Roof installation companies are the backbone of the American Green Roof market. Without their passion, their knowledge, experience, and hands-on skills Green Roofs would hardly exist or never maintained.
It is sad to see that large corporations take these valuable resources for granted by squeezing the last cent from installers or forcing them to utilize components that create more problems that solutions - all just for the corporate profit's sake or keeping share holders happy.
Solar Garden Roof is Open Source and everyone can call it their system! 

Signature Services by JB

43 years of Green Roof and Solar Garden Roof construction management and product development in all climate zones is unique and guaranties to do things right at first.

Jörg Breuning's fully independent expert consulting rates are affordable and fair especially for Green Roof Installation companies and certainly for architects and manufacturers. 
On 90% of the projects the consulting fee pays back double or tripple already in the design phase - certainly during construction.

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