"The best way to predict future is to create it."

Transfer thinking, knowledge, and creativity are the drivers for innovations.
Innovations create value and help to address human-made environmental challenges. 

Spherical Solar

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Power Generators

Tube Solar over vegetation

Largest Solar Green roof in the world

Parking under Solar Garden Roof (currently the largest in the world 2023)

THE FIRST in North America!

Getting the most of PV modules, the legendary German efficiency made in the United States.

Open Source, compatible with all roofing manufacturers, and sleeker than any other solutions on the market.

Self cleaning, cloudy sky positions, Green Roof maintenance position, and smart storm position adjustment.

Solar Green Roof " Shadow Dance"

Green Roof with Micro Windmill by Jorg Breuning

Combined Solar and touchless Micro Wind Generators

Custom Solar Garden Solution

Solar Canopy and plants

Max PV and max Green Roof max payback

Retrofit on existing Green Roof

As introduced in 2023 (NYC)
Another 1st 

through knowledge transfer and innovation based on Jörg Breuning's international and professional network.
"I am encouraging Green Roof installers and landscapers with solutions that can be installed by their crews without middlemen like roofers or Solar companies."

vertical Bifacial green roof solar



NYC First Solar Green Roof
First Micro windmill with solar
Butterfly on solar green roof
Manhattan Solar Green - bio Solar
Made in USA
3 acres Solar Green Roof
solar on school with green
Biodiversity and solar green roofs
Made in Switzerland
Biosolar East West
vertical PV east west
Retrofit Solar green roofs
Washington DC Solar Garden Roof
warehouse solar green roof
PV greenery
Tracking Solar green roof
School Solar
Largest Solar Green Roof in the world
Solar Gardenon Schools
mirror pv power on green roof
PV roof garden simple
1995 sunroot
Custom Green roof solar 1994
Warehouse and office pv garden roof

Agile Team

Team up with us in building excellence within a given budget. Our projects reflect the extraordinary symbiosis of architects, designers, and engineers reinforced by our technical competence from waterproofing, solar/wind technology and modern Green Roof technology.
An entire network of support and collaboration.

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